Business Travel Safety

who will watch over you when you travel - be safe as a clinical research monitor

Business Travel Safety for a Clinical Research Associate So I have just printed my boarding pass for my first monitoring trip with my new company. This reminds me that there are some great travel safety tips I would like to share with you all. Most of these are common sense or things I have picked…

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Staying Flexible and Creating my CV

Working at home isn’t all bad but I have to stay focused and shoo off distractions like my little yorkie, George. I have been kicked back at home in my bunny slippers pouring through the SOPs and online training courses for my new CRA gig. As of orientation, I was assigned to one study but…

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New Hire Orientation

New Hire Orientation for a Clinical Research Associate Day One of Orientation I have been at new hire orientation all week. We started at 8:30a on Monday with HR. They reviewed new employee stuff including company history, benefits, and general company information. I was greeted at lunch by two long-time employees who took me out…

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The Acceptance

I thought long and hard about which employment offer to choose but ultimately went with the larger company. Both companies would have been excellent but Company B just seems more adequately resourced to train me and offer the types of assignments that will be most beneficial at this point in my career (not to mention…

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The Offer(s)

pros many, cons any?

I’m sitting in the airport heading home from my interview. I hope this will be the last interview for a while. Every 6 months I get the urge to switch jobs so I finally just chose a job that changes every 6 months, Clinical Research Associate (CRA). A CRA is responsible for traveling to MD…

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