One Document, Many Revisions, Different Versions

combining tracker changes and comments

Multiple Versions, Lots of Overlap Let’s assume that you received a marked up document from a group of interested reviewers.  For example, if you had drafted an Informed Consent Template and then circulated it to your team you might have one set of comments from legal, regulatory would weigh in, maybe your medical monitor has…

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Consolidating Document Changes from Multiple Reviewers

consolidating document comments from multiple reviewers

When you Send a Word Document Out for Comments and Edits to Your Group This month I’ve been doing a lot of document review.  Just to make the projects more fun, I solicited comments from multiple reviewers.  What’s fun about that?  Merging all the feedback into a final document, who doesn’t love a good puzzle?…

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Digital Informed Consent

Clinops toolkit econsent for clinical trials

eConsent Webinar by Quorum I attended a webinar last month about including eConsents (for example on tablets, iphones, or other electronic devices) in the operations of your trial for consenting subjects.  It was a case study presented by Quorum Central Institutional Review Board (IRB) and an eConsent provider. Obviously, everything we are sharing with our…

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Want to Save Time Managing Email? Three Email Efficiency Tips

Clinops toolkit tips for email management

“I Feel Like I Spent My Entire Day on Email” We’re all getting a lot of email, too much, right?  I have at least eight separate email accounts. I log into most of them several times a day, from various different types of devices. It is more than a little out of control. Not one…

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Nail in the Tire

Just As I was Getting Started Last week when I set out for work I realized there was a nail in my car’s tire. I discovered this first thing Monday morning; what a terrible way to start the week.  My car doesn’t actually come with a spare tire so, late to work and unable to…

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Cheers – Launch Party a Success!

cheers San Francisco and the clinops toolkit

Dinner is served This week I held a networking event to officially launch the Clinical Operations Toolkit. I co-hosted a complimentary dinner at a restaurant in Burlingame, a lovely city in the San Francisco Bay Area peninsula.  Space was limited but the event was open to all blog subscribers, ClinOps Toolkit Facebook followers, Twitter followers,…

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A Want or a Need?

A want or a need? Just put it on the corporate American Express card

What do we spend our money on to conduct a clinical trial? My team at work just wrapped up a large multi-national Phase II CNS clinical trial.  As June ended, we handed over the final invoices and accruals to the friendly folks in finance.  By the numbers, we utilized somewhere around 20 individual vendors to…

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What is the conference call dial-in number?

What is the conference call dial-in number? Put the Dial-In Information in a Repeating ‘All-Day” Calendar Event

Early Morning Conference Call? I hope you’ve had your coffee if you have an early morning conference call. I always have the hardest time locating the dial-in number and remembering the cryptic pin. I’ve tried committing it to memory but it is just too long and random and I always get some digits mixed up.…

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Are you at DIA? #DIA2013

This weekend, many clinical research folks headed to Boston for the 49th annual Drug Information Association conference.  Although I didn’t make it this year, I’d love to hear from you if you attended; especially if you are a Clinical Research Associate. Is the conference valuable for CRAs?  Would you like to share some highlights of…

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I should have gone to DIA #DIA2013

New Blog series: The Buzz Each year in my professional development goals I try to identify at least one industry conference to attend, choose job-related books, podcasts, and webinars to consume and share with my colleagues, and attend local networking events for ACRP, HBA, Women in Bio, etc. Today I am kicking off a new…

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